Our future and the future of brand marketing

By Matt Wise ePrize CEO

We're excited to announce the acquisition of ePrize and our new partnership with Catterton Partners, a leading consumer-focused private equity firm.

ePrize's mission since day one has been: To change the way brands interact with consumers. And we've done just that.

We started by pioneering the chance to win online in the late 1990s. Now we provide a unified platform allowing gamification of advertising to exist simultaneously in Facebook, on mobile devices and in retail. We can match and market on actions in these disparate locations and integrate with retail point of sale systems and loyalty programs in real time. 

Today this allows a brand to run a photo contest in Facebook, reward a consumer for uploading a photo with a coupon, send that coupon in real time via text message, which can be carried in to the store and cleared at the cash register, while awarding points to their loyalty card.  The ROI of the entire consumer experience can be quantified and displayed on a dashboard for the marketer.

ePrize -- and the marketing industry -- has come a long way.

We have seen tremendous growth over the last year, and made two acquisitions which have broadened our abilities in analytics and mobile. Our team has grown to nearly 500 members. With Catterton Partners' investment, we not only expect that growth to continue, but to accelerate.

The next era of how we consume information, interact with others, shop – basically live our lives – will revolve around our handheld devices. For many of us, it already does. Less than half the time we spend on a phone is talking.  The rest of the time is spent interacting with our environment, taking pictures, texting, listening to music, navigation, receiving and redeeming discounts, comparison shopping, and playing games to name a few of the endless activities.

Mobile payment platforms utilizing NFC or other secure technology will cause this evolution in consumer behavior to become a revolution. Our company stands at the nexus of how brands will navigate through this sea of change. 

We stand ready to innovate new solutions for our clients, leveraging the latest technologies and continuing to change the way brands interact with consumers – while of course, having fun along the way.

Read more about our acquisition here.