Bryan Rayo

VP, Software Engineering

Fast Facts

  • BS in Geography and BS in Field Biology from Ohio University
  • MS in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Redlands
  • Formerly with General Motors and General Electric

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Bryan Rayo

With over seventeen years of software development experience, Bryan leads the Software Engineering team comprised of: interface developers, software engineers, quality assurance specialists and business intelligence developers. Before joining HelloWorld in 2016, Bryan lead development teams building in-dash applications which ran in General Motor’s next generation infotainment radio.

Let's learn more about Bryan:

Q. What was your first job?

I worked when I was 15 as a bus boy and dishwasher for Bill Knapp’s. I wanted to purchase my own car and be more independent once I was able to drive.

Q. How did you get interested in your chosen field?

Back in the olden days I was working as a GIS Analyst in Northern Virginia, doing parcel splits and additions. One of my tasks required me to write down digital information onto a piece of paper to then re-upload the information into another database. That was ridiculous! So, I set out to find a better and more-efficient way to move digital data from one place to another. I taught myself VBA in MS Access, and in doing so I was able to create a digital bridge. I then found many more opportunities to automate my job, taught myself more languages along the way, and sought out a master’s program that could solidify my learning. I caught the coding bug and have continued down the software development path ever since.

Q. What is your favorite interview question?

I often ask candidates a math question. I’m not looking for a correct answer necessarily and I’m not trying to stump anyone. I am looking for some insight into how the interviewees formulates a solution, and if they show their work... both traits that often translate into how they work as a software engineer.

Q. What skill would you like to learn?

I would really like to learn how to blow glass or make my own leather boots.

Q. Donut or bagel?

There's a wise old saying: "Abs are great but have you tried donuts"