Mike Monacelli

VP of Finance, Planning and Analysis

Fast Facts

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Wayne State University
  • Formerly with Entertainment Publications and EDS
  • 18+ years in financial business intelligence

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Mike Monacelli

Mike oversees the planning and budgeting process for the organization, management of expenses, pricing and costing, and our annual audit. He joined HelloWorld in 2012 and is based in our Detroit office. Prior to HelloWorld, Mike was with Entertainment Publications and EDS.

Let's learn more about Mike:

Q. What was your very first job? 

Ever? It was as a paper delivery boy at age 10. By bike and wagon.

Q. What was the most unique experience you’ve ever had?

I won a no-handed beer chugging contest and beat the guy who showed me how to do it. I also donated bone marrow to a stranger and played 9 holes of golf later that day.

Q. How did you get interested in your chosen field?

Honestly, I looked at a list of starting salaries coming out of college. At the top was engineering and the next was finance. I’m no engineer, so there you go.

Q. What is your favorite interview question to ask?

I like to know what motivates people, and I look for people who have an intrinsic drive to do things well.

Q. Bagel or donut?