Russell Zack

EVP, Platforms and Strategic Solutions

Fast Facts

  • Originally from Montreal, Canada
  • BA in Digital Multimedia from University of Michigan
  • Former Entrepreneur in Residence at Cisco, VP of Products at Anystream and Founder/COO at Cauldron Solutions
  • Founder and board member of the Picture Book Project Foundation

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Russell Zack

Russell Zack has 20+ years’ experience in software product development, management, sales and innovation. Having recently served as General Manager, EMEA for video platform company Kaltura, he oversaw its business within Europe, Middle East, and Africa from Kaltura’s London office. Zack is responsible for overseeing product development and product marketing, ensuring that HelloWorld technology continues to innovate and develop at pace ahead of client and market needs.

Let's learn more about Russ:

Q. Where are you from originally? 

Montreal, Canada

Q. What would your bumper sticker about leadership say?

5 extra minutes of effort from you today will save an hour in someone else’s tomorrow.

Q. What is the most unique experience you’ve ever had?

Everything I've ever experienced pales in comparison to my visit to the Serengeti.

Q. How did you get interested in product development? 

In 1992, I read the book Understanding Hypermedia, which attempted to explain what would become today’s internet experience.

Q. Bagels or donuts?

Definitely donuts


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