Day in the Life: Android Developer



A study by Mobile Insurance discovered that the average mobile phone owner spends 90 minutes per day on their device. That is a total of nearly 23 full days annually. With consumers spending such a large amount of time on the mobile platform, this is an excellent medium for HelloWorld to implement their marketing expertise. As one of three Android developers, I am part of a niched team of experts who help the company do just that.

My day starts like any simple office job - checking emails and catching up on things from the night before. This is followed up by a mobile scrum call with the entire mobile team, some backend developers, and a few quality assurance team members. Scrum is a management process for organizing and completing complex software projects. During this call we go over what was completed in the last day, what we are working on today, along with a bit of planning to figure out what upcoming tasks are most important. My mornings also include a call between all three Android developers. Since one of us works in Chicago and the other two are in Detroit, we call once a day to check in with each other about our projects and discuss the latest news in Android. Once that call is over, it's crunch time - the rest of my day is spent plugging away at my tasks to make the best mobile app I can make. In order to complete these top-notch mobile apps, our team works together to implement the user interfaces requested by the client, and actively connects with the QA team to ensure the apps behave as expected. We also have to make sure our products stand up against challenges specific to the Android platform, such as varying screen sizes for all sorts of phones and tablets, as well as services like Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications.

At HelloWorld, one of our team values is "we do the work of champions, or not at all." I remind myself of this each and every day when I sit down to work on one of our Android applications. Even though our company name may not be displayed on the products we make, I treat them as if it were. Being part of a team that provides mobile applications of exceptional quality to our clients is what I love most about being an Android developer at HelloWorld.