Day in the Life: Account Manager



Brands focusing their marketing efforts to continuously adapt to their consumer base isn't a new idea, but at HelloWorld we are able to open doors to new communication efforts and marketing services that they might never have known existed. As an Account Manager, I am able to deliver strategic solutions tailored to my clients while maintaining and growing the relationship.

As I get to our New York office (only after successfully escaping tourists in Midtown), my days start with the typical office housekeeping of reading emails and planning out my to-do list. Each day I work with my team of producers and legal team ensuring client deliverables are on time, updating our internal systems with new initiatives, and communicating all project scopes to the client. When we have a new initiative come in, I work to create the contracts around those projects and recommend what product line is best for what the client wants to achieve. It's so rewarding to see the initiatives our team works so hard on roll live and know friends and family who benefit from your direct involvement.

With my team, I've been able to ensure the brands we work with are getting the best marketing solutions for their consumers. Each day I am able to learn more about the ever-changing technology that is available to us and utilize that information to create some really awesome promotions.