Day in the Life: Strategy Manager



At HelloWorld, we pride ourselves on developing digital campaigns that solve brand challenges, whether relating to data acquisition, creating awareness around new product launches, building brand loyalty, the list goes on-and-on.

You may have seen some of our work out in the world…from exciting Xbox Live Rewards to legendary Nathan’s Famous Ticket to Fun and even iconic AARP. As a Senior Manager of Strategy and Insights, I am focused on supporting our client management teams by ensuring our program recommendations are tailored to meet client goals.

Upon arriving at HelloWorld HQ in Southfield, MI, I start my work day with common housekeeping tasks such as, reading emails, and plotting out my focus for the day. How the remainder of my day shapes up really depends on whether I am focusing on client facing or internal projects. Often times, it’s both! For client priorities, you will most likely find me leading a brainstorm with our creative teams, crafting a pitch presentation, analyzing campaign results, or researching topics to provide rationale around our recommended solutions. If I’m focused on internal initiatives, you will likely find me collaborating with our marketing team on subject matter eBooks and sales materials.

What gets me excited about coming to work every day is being inspired by my team member’s innovative minds, as well as the variety my role has to offer. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to work with brands across an array of industries and knowing that our work is not only impacting our client’s business, but bringing value to millions of consumers across the globe.