3 Innovative Ways Marketers Can Use Google+

google-plustopGoogle+ is a rapidly growing social network. In the first 21 days after opening to the public the site grew to 18 million users. It took Facebook 2.5 years to collect that many users. Will that rapid growth mean much to the sustained growth of the site and opportunities for brands? Here are three ways brands & business can utilize this social media platform in new ways.

  1. Brands are looking for ways to target specific audiences on social networks; like posting Facebook wall messages for mothers only or men over 45. Google+ has set itself apart in this way with their easily created "circles". If users of a brand's page can put themselves into a 'circle' based on their demographic, users could also join brand circles around a more specific area of interest in the brand. A circle for users looking for discounts, a circle created for "elite" brand fans, and maybe another for fans of a brand spokesperson.
  2. google-plus-dashboardIntegrated search engine support will allow brands to achieve high search engine relevance. It's been proven that consumers who interact with brands on Google+ see results from those brands higher up in their search results. Brands without a Google+ brand page, will be missing those valuable search opportunities.
  3. Integrating the existing Google Analytics Dashboard will allow brands more data than Facebook Insight currently provides. This is good for brands in their ability to identify influencers in the space based on their activity and reach. Targeting influencers this way will give social media managers another way to reach out and create one-to-one relationships with these valuable brand advocates.

Google+ for brands and business is rolling out for brands today. Our Social Media Project Manager points out the biggest challenge facing the platform, "Google+ will struggle to lure droves of everyday users away from Facebook."

googleplusiconWhile it remains to be seen if Google+ will lure users away from Facebook, brands should still snag their brand's page as soon as they're able to. The platform opens some interesting opportunities for loyalty and promotions, brands that opt-out may be missing key social media opportunities. We'll continue to watch how the site develops, experiment with integrated promotions within Google+ and innovate solutions with you.