Holiday Activation: New Year’s, Valentine’s, and NCAA Basketball

We’re halfway through our six-week Holiday Activation series, and here’s what you’ve learned so far:

You are well on your way to becoming a marketing all-star, so let’s keep going with some ideas for Q1 next year!

Get Six Ideas to Activate Events in Q1

To get you started, here are three:

1. New Year’s Punchcard Program: A punchcard program is a short-term loyalty solution that drives frequency during key times of the year. Consumers are directed to buy certain things, and perform certain actions, to fill up their virtual punchcard. Incent with chances to win, rewards, or gift with purchase.

Why This Works: By requiring consumers to collect a specific number of punches, you are motivating certain behaviors and incenting purchase, ultimately driving awareness, loyalty, and sales.

2. Valentine’s Day Twitter Challenge: High-volume Twitter sweepstakes help drive social buzz and brand engagement around holidays or events. In the weeks before Valentine’s Day, assign certain Twitter activities to consumers like “tweet your best kiss” in exchange for sweepstakes entries toward a grand prize.

Why This Works: Creates anticipation for Valentine’s Day and puts your brand top of mind. The open-endedness of the tweets drives organic social activity.

3. College Basketball Playoffs Mobile Quiz: By answering a few simple questions that relate to college basketball AND your brand, consumers are served up a unique and fun personality result! Could be a product recommendation, the fan’s favorite basketball mascot, or the best college to attend.

Why This Works: Kitschy and fun quizzes drive engagement with. Add a product recommendation, along with a coupon or special offer, and you’re driving sales and shooting a three-pointer!

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