Holiday Activation: Use Remaining Budget to Drive ROI for Q4

It’s week five in our holiday activation series and the end of the year is getting closer. Use the budget you have left, be in-market, and drive results this quarter! Promotions work to activate your consumers:

  • When adding an instant win game to a promotion, we've seen increases in conversation rate by 6% and opt-ins by 5%. See it in action with our Bud Light instant win experience. (HelloWorld benchmarks, 2016)
  • Text messages yield a 97% open rate, compared to 10% to 15% for email, so launch a mobile coupon or build a simple text-to-win for the holidays to reach more consumers. (HelloWorld benchmarks, 2016)
  • Tweets with hashtags have 2 times more chance to generate engagement. (WERSM, 2015)

Over 40% of chance-to-win registrants opt-in for future engagement, so start building your database for 2017. In as little as five days, we can launch a promotion.

Blog Series: Holiday Activation

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