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Gamification Strategy

While gamification may be a relatively new word in marketing vernacular, it is an old concept. And with all of the recent hype, it's easy to want to just slap badges and tiers on to a marketing program and call it gamified. It's true this approach may work for some audiences.  But a more thoughtful approach to gamification is needed to drive maximum engagement.

This final installment of our gamification series brings the concepts behind gamification together with best practices, examples, and ideas on building a business case for gamification.  No matter if you are a CPG, auto, or retail brand, the lessons in this webinar can be universally applied across all industries, and across B2C or B2B programs.  

You'll learn:

  • 5 gamification best practices
  • Easy ways to test your gamification strategy
  • Important KPIs to track and measure
  • Engaging business case uses