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Integrated Cross Channel Mobile Strategies: 3 Tips for Coming Up With Yours

In a survey of client-side marketers worldwide it was found that only 17% of marketers reporting that mobile was “very integrated” into overall marketing strategy. With 84% of consumers expecting a consistent experience across all channels, including mobile, marketers need to make sure that they are delivering consistent and relevant communication across all consumer touch-points. Customers expect seamless interactions with a brand cross channel and for that brand to evolve with their digital usage. Delivering a well-rounded campaign doesn't start with tactics, it needs a strategy. During this webinar, presented in partnership with the MMA, we will discuss tips on how to create a strategy and share case studies.

  • Considerations for helping you clearly define your objectives & goals
  • Identify channels that will work to satisfy them – research who your customers are and their marketing touch-points
  • And then how to tie it all together in order to craft a cross channel mobile strategy

This webinar was presented with the MMA.