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Live Events

Mobilize Your Audience

Want to turn a one-night stand into a long-term relationship? Activate your sponsorship dollars with mobile and build a community of fans even after the show date.

Invite the audience to send photos to the Jumbotron, tweet to the crowd, compete in live polls, and get the inside track to special promotions.


  • Build brand awareness
  • Collect consumer data
  • Extend engagement past event
  • Reach audience's social community


  • Industry Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Concerts & Sporting Events
  • Broadcast TV
  • Non-Profit Events
  • Bar/Restaurant Events

Capture the Attention of 40,000 Screaming Fans

Drive excitement. Create leads. Gain ROI. Get more leverage from your event and sponsorship dollars by creating a user-generated experience in venue, with live polling, trivia, contests, and more.

Media & Content

  • Direct Link
  • Text for Info
  • Content Delivery
  • Alerts

Social Interaction

  • Text to Screen
  • Tweet to Screen
  • Pics to Screen
  • Pics to Facebook
  • Pics to Web

Contest & Games

  • Instant Win
  • Games
  • Sweepstakes
  • Trivia

Voting & Polling

  • Voting
  • Polling
  • Q&A

Connect. Collect. Convert.

The clear value is in making new connections, inspiring a permission-based relationship, and converting users with compelling messaging.

Benefits of SMS

  • Build a database of opted-in mobile phone numbers for remarketing
  • Engage and immerse consumers with your brand immediately
  • Show the opinions and attitudes of consumers in a highly visible way
  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate buzz and excitement through media and public attention

Self-Serve or Managed Platform

We enable marketers and event planners to quickly and easily create, manage and promote mobile programs in venue.